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If you're in the NYC area, I have been selected as one of the 4 artists painting LIVE as part of ArtBattlesU at Webster Hall on November 14. There will be music and body painting and lots of amazing talent to see!

ArtBattlesU NY Social BIG by

Who Is the Son of Time Print Give Away!
My new website is up and running!
Visit me at:
My tribute to that weird little musical 'Little Shop of Horrors' <a href=">is up on Teefury for $10 at midnight on July 2, 2012 - but only for 24 hours! Get your while you can!
This year has really started out awesome - I've got another shirt in print over at shirt.woot! It will be available until March 25, so get one while they last!
How hilariously awful that my modem decided to die the day my new shirt was up for sale on woot!

For a little while longer you can still purchase my Superbotanical Study at shirt.woot - get yours while they're still on sale!
This year just exploded with work! I've been drawing non stop since just before Christmas, and with the school semester beginning I will be doing lots more drawing for the next several months.

The most exciting news from the beginning of this year is that I am getting my first solo tee print at On Sunday, FEBRUARY 5, 2012 for a whole 24 hours beginning at 12AM EST, my Love Robot design will be available at Teefury as the beginning of She-fury - a week devoted to female designers! Yeah!

Keep your eyes peeled for lots of new art stuff soon. : D

For lots of updates you can also follow me on my Facebook page and on Tumblr!
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don't forget my Tumblr blog too!
Lots of things up for voting at various teeshirt sites. If you have lots of time on your hands, and enjoy voting on tshirts (And maybe leaving a few comments) why don't you show your love?

Children of the Night @ DesignbyHumans
Deep Sea City @ DesignbyHumans
Nerdy Ganesha @ Tilteed
Rise Above @ Tilteed
First, my proper blog CUBEFARM is updated with some stuff from Project Pepperpot, my collaborative thing with missqueenmob. You should check out her blog for more awesome updates on our project as well as all the stuff she's working on.

Second, I now have a TUMBLR ACCOUNT which gets updated with all sorts of sketches and things, so you might want to check that out if you're into that sort of thing.



PS: I love the llama icons.
A website is a super important thing to have if you're a graphic artist.
Building a website is probably the most heinously tedious thing I can think of, mostly because I have a tendency to fiddle with things that ought not be fiddled with. The result is usually that I've killed my site and need to remember how to make things work again which takes FOREVER.


My official website is back up and running - why don't you go VISIT IT!
For a long while I've had a blog on WordPress which isn't QUITE what I want from a site but has at least done what I need it to.

If you visit it today, it will look ever so slightly wonky w/ a large paragraph of bizarre code that popped up out of nowhere the other day. THe gallery still works if you wish to visit, but otherwise you can see much of the same (as well as more sketch book work) up at my blog Cubefarm [LINK].
Here's the grand opening of my deviantART page! Wooo! Sounds the bells, release the fireworks, set fire to the grills!